Sircys Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - Idiots cannot keep an appointment or fix the problem


This company was called to fix my air conditioning. They showed up the first day two hours late, took it apart, left it apart and told me they would be back the next day with the part. Every day we heard they would return at 9am. We waited, they did not show. They made excuses twice stating that they were given the wrong part. They even told my land lady that they could not contact her to let her know they would not be here because her number blew out of the van window.

They did return. Of course it was 5 days after the original visit.It was also at 7:15 at night. Now, I already don't have much confidence in these people, but he gets out of his truck talking on his cell phone. I thought this was rude, but he is actually speaking to someone who was telling him how to fix it. That didn't instill any confidence. Then he tells me the problem is the thermostat and he will have to go find a new one. Again he stated he would be back at 9am.

He tried to give a litany of excuses about how his company is shorthanded. I told him I didn't care. He lost my trust when he forced my children to go without heat. We will see if this company actually returns when he says he will. I don't have much confidence.

If you want prompt competent service, do not call this company. They have no understanding that customers actually do have lives to live and expect them to be on time.

Review about: Heating And Air Conditioning.

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